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Chokladkällan ( The Chocolate Spring ) – Where good things begin

Welcome to Chokladkällan! Here you will find quality chocolates and chocolate bars, both beautiful and delicious to eat. Chocolate is always right -  as an appreciated gift, something luxurious to offer your guests or simply as a treat for yourself.

If you cannot get enough of chocolate, the chocolate making courses from Chokladkällan  is the perfect choice for you. I also offer baking courses focusing on sweet treats like traditional Swedish cinnamon buns and biscuits. All courses can be offered in Swedish, English or German.

My aim is to make products, which are both good to eat and good for the environment. I want to use organic and fair trade ingredients to the greatest possible extent. I have not fully reached my goal yet, but I will exchange ingredients as soon as I can find replacements of the right quality.

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