General information about the courses

Chokladkällan offers both chocolate courses as well as baking courses. A course by Chokladkällan is an event. The courses will take place in the cosy baking cottage in the little village Ödestugu. In a beautiful environment in the countryside, you will learn new things (both theory and practical skills) together old and new found friends. All of the courses can be offered in Swedish, English or German.

During the chocolate courses the participants have the opportunity to learn how to make handmade chocolates. Other chocolate courses, like making your own chocolate bars and chocolate tasting can also be offered on demand.

The baking courses offered by Chokladkällan focuses on traditional Swedish sweet treats, like for example cinnamon buns and biscuits. The baking courses are offered for groups with a minimum of four people.

Below you will find links to scheduled courses. It is possible to book a course for a private group as well. If you wish for any other type chocolate or baking course, Chokladkällan would be happy to help you out.

Chocolate Courses

Baking courses

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