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Happy to see that you have found your way to Chokladkällan! My name is Anna Weichelt and I have always loved chocolate. In 2017 I took my first chocolate making course at Nora Chocolate School. The following year, after a few more courses, I fulfilled my dream of working professionally with chocolate by starting my own business. The inspiration for the name Chokladkällan comes from the fact that I also work with groundwater, which means visiting springs on a regular basis to take water samples.

I make the chocolates at home in my own kitchen (which of course has a permission from the local authority) in Jönköping. My idea is to offer handmade quality chocolates, both in modern style and after old recipes.

I also offer courses in chocolate making and baking. My interest in baking aroused 25 years ago and since then I have tried a large number of recipes, mostly the sweet ones. The theme of my baking courses is traditional Swedish “fika” (Fika is the Swedish tradition of gathering for coffee and sweet treats like buns and biscuits), for example cinnamon buns and biscuits. All the courses are offered in Swedish, English or German.

My aim is to make products, which are both good to eat and good for the environment. I want to use organic and fair trade ingredients to the greatest possible extent. I have not fully reached my goal yet, but I will exchange ingredients as soon as I can find replacements of the right quality.

Hope you enjoy it!